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Continual improvement.
See Version Release History for our strong 8+ year free app update history.

PokerCruncher - Advanced Versions

PokerCruncher-Advanced-iPhone PokerCruncher - Advanced - iPhone $9.99 (USD)
Download on the App Store

PokerCruncher-Advanced-iPad PokerCruncher for iPad - Advanced
$14.99 (USD)
Download on the App Store

PokerCruncher-Advanced-Android PokerCruncher - Advanced - Android $9.99 (USD)
Get it on Google Play Available at Amazon Appstore for Android

The iPhone, iPad, and Android versions of PokerCruncher-Advanced are separate apps/purchases.

PokerCruncher - Expert Version

PokerCruncher-Expert-Mac PokerCruncher - Expert - Mac
(Expert Level - New!)
$39.99 (USD) Download on the Mac App Store

The Mac-Expert version of PokerCruncher is also a separate app/purchase from the other versions of PokerCruncher.

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PokerCruncher - Basic Versions

PokerCruncher-Basic-iPhone PokerCruncher - Basic - iPhone
$3.99 (USD) Download on the App Store

PokerCruncher-Basic-Mac PokerCruncher - Basic - Mac $7.99 (USD) Download on the Mac App Store

PokerCruncher - Preflop (Free) Versions

PokerCruncher-Preflop(Free)-iPhone PokerCruncher - Preflop (Free) - iPhone
Download on the App Store

More Apps To Help You Improve Your Game

Tournament Cruncher Tournament Cruncher (ICM)
$6.99 (USD) Download on the App Store

Poker Odds Teacher Poker Odds Teacher $3.99 (USD) Download on the App Store

Hold'em Odds Quizzer Hold'em Odds Quizzer $3.99 (USD) Download on the App Store

iPhone App Bundle (4 Apps) - Save ~25%

PokerCruncher Advanced Odds Apps Bundle PokerCruncher Advanced Odds Apps Bundle (4 Apps)

1) PokerCruncher - Advanced - iPhone
2) Tournament Cruncher (ICM)
3) Poker Odds Teacher
4) Hold'em Odds Quizzer

(All of the apps in this bundle are iPhone apps, but they can be run on both iPhone and iPad.)
$18.99 (USD)

(Save ~25%)

Purchased Separately: $24.96 (USD)

Download on the App Store

Our Apps Keep Getting Better

See Version Release History.  8+ years and counting of free app updates and improvements.  For example, we have released 40+ free updates to PokerCruncher-Advanced-iPhone since its launch in Oct. 2008. These updates have made the app significantly better over the months and years, in terms of features and power (e.g., many Deal-To-Flop stats, save/load scenarios and hand ranges) and also in terms of user interface and graphics (e.g., support different screen sizes, retina graphics, modern UI theme).

Version Release History

Version Release History

License Agreement

License Agreement